According to the 2016 Times of India report of the percentage of female taxi drivers in India, only 11% of females are behind the wheels. Even though with the years the percentage has increased they still haven’t increased as much as it should have. Even today in the 21st century where men and women are considered to be equal more than 70% of taxi drivers are male. Females driving taxis aren’t even considered to be a career option or a source of income for the majority of families today.

However, NSG taxi has come up with a change and is introducing more than 50 women taxi drivers for a service. Now every single time Woman books her taxi she’s given an option to choose a female driver as well. We are not just encouraging in promoting women in all respect but also considering safety more than anything at the moment. NSG taxi is here for a change and if you are then book the cheapest yet the safest taxi online or hire for rent and witness this life-changing experience yourself. 

We are currently living in a world where safety has been a major concern, especially for women. Every single time a female Books her cab she thinks twice about her safety. Many times she even cancels her trip out of safety risks. I am nothing is more disheartening than not being able to travel the way you want to while feeling safe. But you no longer have to worry about anything because you can now freely choose to travel wherever you want in the country without any safety concerns.

All you have to think about is the location you want to travel lacked and we will be available for you with the best services. And most of all if you are a female and want to travel only with the female driver then this is a perfect place. NSG taxi understands the passenger’s safety and security concerns and makes it a priority. So what are you waiting to book the cheapest taxi online or hire for rent? 

Soon after you will book your NSG taxi online we will provide you with every single detail or passenger might need. Starting off with cab number, cost per kilometer, the driver’s details all via the NSG taxi app. The best thing about our services is that it is fully based on your convenience. You can book a taxi to the airport or whichever location you prefer to.

NSG taxi services provide the best taxi service in Shimla, the best taxi service in Gurgaon, the best taxi service in Mumbai, the best taxi service in Nainital, the best taxi service in Pune, the best taxi service in Indore, the best taxi service in Jaipur, the best taxi service in Lucknow and several other places. 

NSG taxi believes in change if it is for the good so we are here to promote women in every aspect especially when it is about female drivers making other females safe and secure about their trip. More than 50 female drivers will be joining us with this and will contribute to the change. so what are you waiting for? Book an NSG taxi online or hire for rent now and be a part of the change with us.

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